Courses in England

Survival Weekend
Survival Weekend Course
Bushcraft Weekend
Carving on a Bushcraft Weekend Course
Survival Day
Learn the fundamental skills of fire, water, shelter, and wild food.
Bushcraft Basic Skills Day
Fire with sparks on a bushcraft basic skills day.
Survival Challenge
4-day Survival Challenge in Sussex
Family Bushcraft Weekend
Happy shelter-builders on a Family Bushcraft Weekend!
Wild Food Day
Wild food, foraging and bushcraft cooking day in Sussex.
Foundation Course
A comprehensive four day long Bushcraft Foundation Course in Sussex
Fire by Friction Day
coaxing a tinder bundle into flames on our specialist Fire by Friction Day course in Sussex
Specialist Courses
knots & ropework, tarpology, wild food, tracking courses, axe-craft and carving, bare hands bushcraft, navigation, private days
Private Courses
Woodland nature days, private courses for individuals, families and groups.
Navigation Courses
Learn map-reading skills!
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