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Survival Weekend

Survival Weekend: Sussex or Scotland
Survival Weekend: Fire by Friction
shelter building on Survival Weekend
Survival Weekend: fire by friction
bow drill technique Survival Weekend
Survival Weekend: learn to gut fish
Survival Weekend: experience
Learn Woodland Survival Skills in a Weekend

Our Survival Weekend is perfect for adventurous beginners and those with some experience. Learn a comprehensive set of woodland survival skills with a qualified, experienced and friendly instructor. An exciting experience of self-reliance within a framework of safety. Sign up and find out why this is one of the most rewarding and authentic Survival courses out there! Watch our Survival Weekend Video made by the BBC.


Take a step closer to real survival with our Survival Weekend course. It is challenging in that you have only basic provisions (flour, oil), game (e.g. rabbit, pigeons or fish depending on availability) and wild plants to sustain you. You will sleep in natural shelters, purify the water that you drink, and cook the food you forage using bushcraft cooking methods. In addition, the course covers knife and saw use, primitive firelighting methods such as sparking and fire by friction. We will also demonstrate trapping methods.


Please note, you will not be thrown in the deep end and left to survive - you will be given guidance, support and instruction in all the methods throughout.

Read Leon's blog about our Survival Weekends.

Learning Outcomes

Here are some of the key skills you will learn:


  • Survival principles - priorities, planning, equipment, knowledge and mental attitude.

  • Signalling for help.

  • The energy equation.

  • Game preparation.

  • Cooking methods - direct cooking on fire (e.g. spit cooking, grilling).

  • Flat bread cooking (bannock).

  • Cordage and knots.

  • Orientation and route-finding.

  • Psychology of coping with survival challenges.

  • Personal survival kit selection.

  • Knife and saw use, and a carving project.

  • Fire making using friction and sparks, fire construction and uses, and wet weather considerations.

  • Foraging for wild foods including tree, herb, fruits, roots, nuts and fungi id (other plant uses such as medicines).

  • Water sourcing, collection, preparation and treatment.

  • Natural shelter building - how to efficiently make a safe, weatherproof shelter with what is around you.

  • Trapping methods - theory, demos, legal issues.

  • Wildlife tracks and signs, especially with reference to trapping and recognition of target and non-target species.

More Details

Price: £240 per person

Locations: Lindfield in Sussex; or Aberfoyle in the Trossachs, Scottish Highlands

Duration:  2 full days; starts 09.00 on Saturday ends 16:00 Sunday

Group size: usually 5 - 12 people 

Facilities: Group tarp, drinking water, basic provisions, fish and foraged food available. NB: unless you need additional food for health reasons, you are requested not to bring any.

What to bring:  course-specific kit list


 "I really enjoyed the whole experience. I've learnt so much about what nature can provide and I've had an amazing weekend adventure. I've wanted to do one of these weekends since I was a child and it did not disappoint in the slightest." - D. Helsdon

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