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Coastal Survival Weekend,

West Coast of Scotland

Cook mackerel on campfire wild food
Coastal Survival Weekend Scotland
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Wild Food Foraging Coastal Scotland
Learn Coastal Survival Skills

This course takes place in Moidart on the West Coast of Scotland, a stunningly beautiful, ecologically diverse, wild and remote corner of the British Isles. It's also very close to our home. In our humble opinion, the location is so rewarding that it makes any journey worthwhile!

The course is very practical, covering a comprehensive range of coastal survival skills, taught by an instructor who lives in this area throughout the year. You will be living on the coast for two days, surviving on basic rations and foraged food, purifying your own water and making your own shelter. The course is ideal for those seeking to take their bushcraft and survival skills to the next level, but also for adventurous beginners. 

Learning Outcomes

Here are some of the key skills you will learn:


  • Foraging and preparation of fish and shellfish, including food safety

  • Use of creels

  • Edible seaweeds and coastal plants

  • Tidal cycles and food availability

  • Rock shelters

  • Cooking methods - direct cooking on fire (e.g. hot rock cooking, grilling)

  • Flat bread cooking (bannocks)

  • Knife and saw use and a carving project 

  • Fire making using friction and sparks - with reference to wet weather conditions

  • Fire construction and uses

  • Water collection and preparation from terrestrial sources

  • Desalination of seawater using improvised methods

More Details

Price: £240 per person

Location: Moidart, 35 miles west of Fort William.


Duration: 2 full days - starts 09.00 on Saturday ends 16:00 Sunday

Group size: usually 5-8 people - we keep groups small to minimise our impact on this pristine environment.

Facilities: overnight wild camping - sleeping in natural shelters or under group tarp. Drinking water, basic provisions, fish and foraged food available. NB unless you need additional food for health reasons you are requested not to bring any.

What to bring: course-specific kit list

Inspiring course , taught by someone 

with a huge passion for the outdoors,

great learning environment and 

atmosphere , I will be back !  - Tim C.

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