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Team Building with Wildwood Bushcraft

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Arrange a Bushcraft Team Building Away Day

Organisations, today, face unprecedented change, and to survive, good team work is essential. How will your team rise to the challenge of surviving in the wild? Fire lighting, shelter building and finding water may not be part of their job descriptions, but solving these challenges together provides a fun and practical way to increase team effectiveness.  


Our events give you a breath of fresh air, away from the office. They are held in beautiful ancient woodland in Sussex or a location suitable to you. By taking your team out of its normal “comfort zone” you will see the group dynamics in a new light.

Tailored Days


We tailor each programme to fit your needs. We will discuss your business objectives, team issues and how comfortable or challenging you wish the experience to be! We can provide individual days or longer courses, including overnight survival in shelters. The basic programme is designed for teams who are looking for a fun day or weekend out, with the opportunity for bonding and team working. If you have particular team issues or are looking for a more dedicated team-building programme we can certainly help. 

Benefits for the Team

  • Improving your ability to work together to solve common goals

  • Building camaraderie and team bonding

  • Getting to know each other better

  • Having a fun and rewarding learning experience

  • Greater productivity when back in the office

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and arrange a date, then once agreed, book using the link below.


During an event we can cover a range of topics.  It works really well to set up a series of competitive challenges between teams! We would suggest selecting 2 or 3 of the above activities for a half day (4 hours) and 4 or 5 for a whole day (8 hours).


  • Firelighting with sparks or friction

  • Using a fire to boil water you have collected

  • Knots for tying up hammocks and tarp shelters

  • Leaf shelter building

  • Tracking

  • Foraging

  • Campfire cooking

  • Carving

  • Navigation/orienteering

  • Raft building and racing

  • Bridge building

  • Improvisation challenges with equipment to meet survival challenges


More Details


Prices: Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will give you a quotation based on venue, group size, length of session, food requirements and activities.

Location:  We can run team building events throughout the UK but with our main bases in Sussex, England and the Highlands of Scotland.  We also have partners in Canada, Sweden and even Namibia if you would like us to arrange something overseas.

Group size: No limitation but we operate a minimum price for very small groups

What to bring: Come prepared for a day spent outdoors, ideally wearing hiking boots or wellies, and waterproofs.



“We were looking for a company day out where the teams could get to know each other better and have some fun in the process. Wildwood delivered an amazing day for us. Everything was perfect, great venue, amazing food, songs round the camp fire, cheering on the raft riders across the lake, learning about the evil yew tree, eating wood sorrel, building and then sleeping in shelters. You can’t beat this for a team day out that ticks all the boxes.” - Jack H, Managing Director, Propellernet


"Just a short note to thank you very much for an excellent day for my staff. Even though it was a week ago today our sales have increased. Doubled from previous week. I was loathe at first to take a day out of our sales week but it proved to be a good decision and seems to have spurred them on. Thanks again for a profitable exercise!" - Carlos A-T, Company Director

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