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Green Policy

Our eco-ethical policy:


Wildwood Bushcraft is an environmentally conscious business, and we aim to have a positive impact on the world around us!


Our working practice:


  • Our founder and chief instructor Leon is a qualified ecologist. 

  • We treasure the wild places we are lucky to work in, and manage our activities to encourage the sustainability of natural resources. This is done by leaving resources alone when they are in shorter supply, by encouraging people to economise on burning of deadwood, leaving rotten wood, rotating our camp sites, using sustainable harvesting strategies, and using alternative sites. Green (live) wood is typically pruned from tree species which will regenerate quickly such as hazel and willow or from abundant or non-native species. 

  • We are qualified trainers for "Leave No Trace" and provide training for individuals and organisations on how to minimise their impacts when visiting the outdoors.

  • We teach responsible firelighting, including the correct ways to site, manage and clear away a fire to avoid damage and forest fires.

  • On courses, rubbish is removed from site and sorted into categories for disposal and recycling (e.g. landfill, tins and plastic, glass).

  • We use pit latrines at our camps, which allow waste to naturally degrade under the soil using Leave No Trace practices, and in accordance with the Outdoor Access Code.

  • We encourage lift sharing by students whenever practicable to access the site - especially for longer journeys such as to our Scottish sites (if you want a lift let us know).

  • Meat, fish and eggs provided on most courses are from responsible sources (i.e. as free range, organic and local as possible).

  • We carry out woodland management at some of our sites to encourage tree diversity and to remove alien invasive species.

  • We work in partnership and collaboration with other local businesses (mainly other ethical and green businesses) on many of our courses e.g. accommodation providers, caterers, outdoor centres, canoe and kayak guides, local colleges and suppliers of local produce.

In the office:

  • Our electricity is from renewable sources.

  • Where possible we encourage people to use our online information resources on the web rather than receiving printed material by post. 

  • Nearly all of our printing is on 100% recycled paper and we re-use and recycle waste paper.

  • The water supply to our house and office is piped from a local stream and we collect and filter rainwater for drinking.

  • Our house and water is heated with a log burner and from passive solar gain, and we use LED lighting. Water is also heated with solar thermal panels.

  • We have a compost toilet on site and an off-grid camp in our garden.


Charity/non profit support:

IOL Member Organisation Wildwood Bushcraft
Leave No Trace Training Provider Scotland Wildwood Bushcraft
Survival International supporter Wildwood Bushcraft UK Survival Courses
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