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Bushcraft for schools, England
Beach School session Scotland
Forest School, bushcraft school trip
Knotwork bushcraft school session
Shelter bushcraft school day out
Campfire school day trip bushcraft
Whole class outdoor learning forest
Forest School sessions Scotland
Forest School fire circle Scotland
school bushcraft expedition Scotland
Bushcraft school day Sussex
School day coast foraging Scotland

Are you a teacher or youth leader looking for a bushcraft experience for your group? Why not give us a call to discuss how we can help?


Outdoor learning is incredibly valuable for building resilience, team work, and practical skills. Above all it's a lot of fun!  We provide a range of exciting and educational outdoor activities for young people.


Imagine the thrill of being taught and trusted to make fire, and learning the uses for different plants, trees and materials found in nature? We hope you agree that learning should be fun, and the more practical the task is, the easier it can be to learn!


We aim to help teachers as much as possible, providing risk assessments if requested, and linking activities to the curriculum. We liaise with you before the visit to plan a session that will fit your class topics and levels.


We are proud to be a registered Provider for the John Muir Award and have helped many young people complete their John Muir Award as well as Duke of Edinburgh Award Expeditions.


Forest School Sessions: A series of at least six sessions, ideally with a small group. Really getting to know your special woodland site, and building confidence, through a wide range of nature-based, creative and bushcraft activities outdoors. Looking after ourselves, our environment and each other!

Beach School Sessions: Similar to Forest School but learning takes place on the seashore - exploring coastal habitats, exciting survival techniques, a great setting for natural navigation exercises.


One-off Sessions: 

Bushcraft and Survival Sessions for Schools can include:

  • fire lighting with sparks or by friction (i.e. rubbing sticks together) 

  • cooking on an open fire (flat breads etc.), storm-kettles, campcraft

  • shelter building (great for team work!)

  • plant identification and uses

  • cord making with natural fibres

  • finding and purifying water

  • orienteering - map reading, taking grid references and bearings, and using a compass to orientate a map

  • animal tracks and signs, identification of trees and herbaceous plants and their role in nature

  • looking at different habitats and ecosystems

  • exploring how our ancestors would have lived (or how people live now) in rainforests. 

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£25 per child

For large groups of over 60 children discounts can be arranged. Please note that there is a minimum charge of £400 per day that applies to small groups. If the desired course content and numbers of pupils are judged to require more than one bushcraft instructor, an additional charge will be incurred.



We have various woodlands in Sussex, South England and Highlands of Scotland where we can run courses. However we often provide courses in woods near to your school and can even run a course in your school grounds, if you don't have a wood nearby.


All our instructors are experienced, first aid trained and DBS cleared. We have worked with groups numbering between 5 and 240 children in a day! We work with all age groups and learning abilities, as well as excluded pupils.

Forest School

"The delivery of information was highly appropriate to the age and experience of the children involved. The tutors related extremely well with the children and a lot of learning went on, including Science, team building, resiliance and risk taking. The children and staff loved it. I liked seeing all 105 children all involved 100% for the duration of the day despite the inclement conditions. [This is] one I hope we can repeat." - Fiona R., Learning Support, Ardingly College

"We had a tremendous day with Leon on our bushcraft survival day. It was a day full of excitement; making fire, hunting for signs of wildlife, cooking our own lunch on the fire and making dens. We were all exhausted but thrilled with the adventure of it all and we learnt plenty too! I would recommend this experience highly". - Jo T. Year 2 Teacher Blackthorns Primary School, Lindfield.

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