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Survival Day

Leaf shelter on a Survival Course
Fire by Friction on a Survival Day
Survival Day Course in Sussex
Building a shelter woodland skills
Campfire lunch on a Survival Day
Learn the Bow Drill Technique
Learn to make fire on a survival day
Leaf Shelter Building Survival
Foraging on a Survival Course
Camp fire close up
Practising the bowdrill technique
Fire lighting with the Bow Drill
Woodland setting for a Survival Day
Game preparation on the Survival Day
Camp Food on Survival Day Course
Learn Woodland Survival Skills in a Day

This is a great day course where you learn some of the most useful and popular survival skills. 

The course includes foraging for seasonal wild plants, knife use, fire by friction (with bow drill) and with sparks, shelter building (such as leaf huts or improvised natural shelters), and game preparation (this could be fish, rabbits or pigeons depending on availability) and cooking on the fire.  Game is provided for your lunch.

Learning Outcomes

Here are some of the key skills you will learn:


  • Survival principles - priorities, planning, equipment, orientation, knowledge and mental attitude

  • The energy equation ( in and energy out)

  • Game preparation - gutting and skinning rabbits or pigeons or fish (depending on availability)

  • Cooking on the fire

  • Psychology of coping with survival challenges

  • Fire lighting using friction and sparks and fire construction and uses and wet weather considerations

  • Foraging for wild foods including tree, herb, fruits, roots, nuts and fungi id (other plant uses such as medicines)

  • Natural shelter building - how to efficiently make a safe, weatherproof shelter with what is around you

More Details

Price: £130 per person

Locations: Lindfield in Sussex

Duration: 1 day  09.00 - 17:00 

Group size: usually 5 - 12 people 

Facilities: Group tarp, drinking water, basic provisions, fish and foraged food available. NB: unless you need additional food for health reasons, you are requested not to bring any.

What to bring:  course-specific kit list


 "I found the course really interesting and enjoyed it enormously. I came away knowing things I hadn't known before. The staff were friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend this course

to anyone interested in survival" - S. Heasman

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