Survival Challenge

Take our Four Day Survival Challenge

This survival course is suitable for those looking for an adventure, not too far from home, but who really want to challenge themselves! The Survival Challenge includes the existing Survival Weekend course plus an extra two days to test your skills. During this test phase you will be using the skills and knowledge learnt on the weekend to live off the land without any supplementary food, tarps or water.


You will live in the shelters you built over the weekend, drink only water that you have collected and purified. You will also continue to check trap lines, forage for plant foods and invertebrates and fish in the nearby river. All food collected will be monitored by the instructor to ensure your safety. For those who successfully complete the four day course there will be a certificate of achievement.


To take part in the course you need to be in good health and fitness. If you have any medical conditions or are in any doubt about your suitability, please discuss this with us before booking the course.

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Learning Outcomes

Here are some of the key skills you will learn:


  • Survival principles - priorities, planning, equipment, knowledge and mental attitude

  • Signalling for help

  • The energy equation

  • Game preparation

  • Bushcraft cooking methods

  • Cordage and knots

  • Orientation and route-finding

  • Psychology of survival challenges

  • Personal survival kit selection

  • Knife and saw use, and a carving project

  • Fire by friction and sparks, fire construction and wet weather firelighting

  • Foraging for wild foods including tree, herb, fruits, roots, nuts and fungi id (other plant uses such as medicines)

  • Water sourcing, collection and preparation

  • Natural shelter building

  • Trapping methods - theory, practice, legal issues

  • Wildlife tracks and signs, especially with reference to trapping: recognition of target and non-target species

  • Hobo fishing

  • Living off the land

More Details

Price: £290 per person

Location: Lindfield in Sussex 

Duration: 4 days -  starts 19.00 Friday; ends 15:00 Tuesday

Group size: usually 3-6 people 

Facilities: overnight wild camping - sleeping in natural shelters or under group tarp. Drinking water, basic provisions, fish and foraged food available. NB unless you need additional food for health reasons you are requested not to bring any.

What to bring:  course-specific kit list

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"A superb experience, both challenging and rewarding. Leon's knowledge is deep and his approach to instructing is engaging without being dogmatic. I had no idea how tough I would find the greatly reduced diet but there is no greater incentive to learn than when your eating depends on it...

"...I came away feeling even more inspired by the natural world, invigorated for the challenges of modern city life with a fresh perspective on the excessive consumption that has become the norm. I highly recommend the Bushcraft Survival Challenge to anyone who wants an introduction to this fascinating area of learning with the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained and get out of your comfort zone." - Ollie D.








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