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Bushcraft Foundation (4 day)

Bushcraft Foundation 4 day Sussex
bushcraft foundation four day course
Bushcraft Foundation Course Sussex
Bushcraft Foundation Course Sussex
Bushcraft Foundation skills course
bushcraft foundation skills course
Bushcraft Foundation Course Sussex
Build a Solid Foundation of Bushcraft Skills Over Four Days

On this course you will cover fundamental bushcraft skills in depth with a good amount of guided practice. This is extremely valuable in assimilating the skills. While camping over the four day period you also get the chance to really settle into the beautiful woodland environment. Additional components to this course are navigation and bushcraft cooking.

The course is highly recommended for both beginners and as a valuable step forward for those who have attended shorter courses. 


Learning Outcomes


Here are some of the key skills you will be learning:


  • how to use a knife, axe and saw safely and have made a few craft items to take home

  • how to tie some basic knots required to string up a hammock

  •  how to build a leaf shelter

  • understanding how to find water and make it safe

  • understanding the basic principles of responsible firelighting and fuel collection

  • to have succeeded in lighting a fire with sparks and/or bow drill

  • some bushcraft cooking techniques

  • how to recognise some of the plants that can provide food and other valuable materials

  • basic navigation with a map and compass

  • to track animals and notice, identify and interpret animal signs

More Details


Price: £410 per person

Location: Nutley in Sussex or private courses elsewhere


Duration:  4 full days - starts 09.00 on day 1 ends 16:00 on day 4.

Group size: usually 3-8 people 

Facilities: Drinking water, hot drinks, tarp, latrine


What to bring:  course-specific kit list


"I now feel I can overcome any obstacles if they appear in the field"- J. Adams

"An obvious life-time of knowledge and interest which the instructor was willing and enthusiastic about sharing" - A.Krutz

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