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Winter Bushcraft Weekend

Winter bushcraft skills course U.K.
Winter bushcraft weekend course
Bushcraft winter skills course UK
Winter skills bushcraft weekend
Winter bushcraft weekend Sussex Scot
Learn Bushcraft Skills Specific to Winter

Winter is not the season when most people think of heading to the woods to learn or improve bushcraft skills. However, in many ways it can be the most rewarding time.

Because it is a challenging time in terms of the weather, shelter, fire lighting and food availability, our bushcraft skills are really put to the test.

On this weekend course we draw on our Arctic experience, as well as experience of UK winters, to focus on issues specific to this time of year

While this course is open to adventurous beginners, it is also an excellent course for those with some bushcraft experience who want to expand and test their skills.

Learning Outcomes


Here are some of the key skills you will be learning:


  • Cold injuries - managing the risks

  • Winter clothing and sleeping systems

  • Winter shelters and long log fires

  • Tree identification using buds, tree shapes and colours

  • Fire lighting in the wet, cold and snowy conditions, using sparks and friction

  • Fish preparation

  • Natural navigation

  • Plant and fungal foods in winter

More Details


Price: £210 per person

Location: Nutley in Sussex or highlands of Scotland


Duration: 2 days - starts 19.00 Friday; ends 16:00 Sunday.

Group size: usually 3-8 people 

Facilities: Drinking water, hot drinks, tarp, latrine


What to bring:  course-specific kit list


"Interesting and skillfully taught as ever. Leon is really good at showing you something and allowing you to then try things for yourself and make mistakes.


"He is not always butting in to show you the way it should be done after 2 minutes which helps you gain skills and experience.


"Great fun in the snow and mud! A great weekend with great people" - David H.

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