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Bushcraft Basic Skills Day

Bushcraft basic skills day course
Bushcraft skills day course Sussex
Bushcraft day course Sussex friendly
learn to put up hammock bushcraft
learn bushcraft skills in a day
Basic bushcraft skills day course UK
bushcraft essentials day course
Learn Basic Bushcraft Skills in a Day


This is an excellent beginner's bushcraft day course and a valuable consolidation for those with some bushcraft experience. You will learn firelighting with bow drill and sparks, water preparation, shelter building and plant uses. 

The emphasis is on guidance and you are always encouraged to have a go and think things through for yourself.


The course takes place in a beautiful and ecologically rich ancient woodland, adjoining the Ashdown Forest in Sussex, or for private courses at a venue of your choice.

Learning Outcomes


Here are some of the key skills you will be learning:


  • know how to build a leaf shelter

  • learn to identify some common trees and how they are used as bushcraft resources

  • understand how to find water and make it safe

  • understand the basic principles of responsible firelighting and fire wood selection

  • knife safety and use

  • have succeeded in lighting a fire with sparks and/or bow drill

More Details


Price: £120 per person

Location: Nutley in Sussex or private courses elsewhere


Duration: 1 day - 09.00 - 17:00 

Group size: usually 5-10 people 

Facilities: Drinking water, hot drinks, tarp, latrine


What to bring:  course-specific kit list


"It was fun but in a serious way… it covered all the basics of bushcraft and let us do it" - W. Mitchell 

"Very efficient style, without being military. So many essential skills balanced into such a short time -  I want more!" B. Nicholson

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