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Bare Hands Bushcraft Weekend

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Learn Primitive Bushcraft Skills Without Modern Materials

How would you manage in a survival situation with next to nothing? No firesteel, compass, sleeping bag, shelter, metal knife, survival kit, paracord, pots and pans? This course will show you the primitive skills and knowledge to survive with nothing but the clothes you are standing up in.

"Bare Hands Bushcraft " (the phrase coined by Wildwood Bushcraft to describe this ancient art) is as much about sourcing objects to meet your purpose as crafting them. Although ideal for the advanced bushcrafter, don't worry about joining if you are new to bushcraft. We will take you through it step by step.

As it is a teaching course, you may bring food, tent etc and we will be using some modern materials, however we will be teaching the techniques needed for survival with next to nothing. 

Learning Outcomes


Here are some of the key skills you will be learning:


  • make a simple blade from flint

  • cut and carve wood without a metal knife or saw

  • make cord and withies from natural materials

  • make fire with two rocks (flint and iron pyrites) and natural tinder (no modern/artificial materials)

  • make a shelter with your bare hands that will sustain you through a winter's night without a sleeping bag

  • find the best available water and make it safe

  • forage for plant foods in the forest and cook them without a pot

  • dig latrines and maintain hygiene in survival situations

  • navigate without a compass

More Details


Price: £295 per person

Location: Nutley in Sussex or the Highlands of Scotland


Duration: 2 days - starts 19.00 Friday; ends 16:00 Sunday.

Group size: usually 3-8 people 

Facilities: Drinking water, hot drinks, tarp, latrine


What to bring:  course-specific kit list


"I was impressed that we managed to pack in all of the items that the course promised to teach.


I think that the choice of woodland was excellent and there was a great balance between being instructed and being allowed to get on with things at my own pace.


I really enjoyed the flint work and making fire, the latter was one of the hardest yet satisfying things on the course.


I felt really relaxed and enjoyed the pace of the teaching, It left plenty of time to chat and get to know the other course participants.


I feel I'm that little bit closer to our ancestors." - Andrew J.

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