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Fire by Friction Day

Succeed at lighting fire with bow
Fire by Friction Course Scotland
Learn to make a bow drill set
master the bow drill technique
Survival Skills Fire Friction Course
Igniting a tinder bundle
Practise the bow drill technique
Bow Drill Success Day Course
Bow Drill Course
Succeed at fire by friction bow
Fire by Friction Day Course
Light a fire with bow drill friction
Master the art of fire by friction
Learn to Make and Use a Bow Drill Set in a Day

Fire by friction is one of the most satisfying fire lighting methods, yet one of the most frustrating to learn!


On this course you get a full day to really get to grips with bow-drill.

With expert guidance you will learn about selecting suitable materials, carving them to make a bowdrill set, preparing tinder and the technique itself. This course gives you a great introduction fire by friction, with plenty of practice. Ideal both for beginners and those who have struggled to crack the technique or want to make their own set.

Learning Outcomes

Here are some of the key skills you will learn:


  • To identify suitable trees and woods for making a bow drill set

  • Some basic carving techniques with knife, saw and baton

  • To carve your own bow drill set that you can take away

  • About correct stance and bowing technique required to create an ember

  • To prepare a tinder bundle and nurture your ember into flame

More Details

Price: £130 per person

Locations: Sussex, or Scottish Highlands

Duration: 1 day  09.00 - 17:00 

Group size: usually 5 - 12 people 

Facilities: Group tarp, drinking water, hot drinks

What to bring:  course-specific kit list

Upcoming Dates​

"Every angle is meticulously covered leaving no questions to be asked at the end. Leon's enthusiasm for bushcraft is inspirational and he makes it exciting for his students.  A fantastic course that will change your way of thinking about the natural world forever". - Vincent L.

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