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Cold Weather and Arctic Skills Expedition,

Northern Sweden

Arctic Survival Expedition
Bushcraft Expedition Sweden
Cold weather skills course Sweden
Arctic skills course Sweden
Cold Weather Arctic Skills Course
Bushcraft Sweden Cold Skills
Ice fishing survival skills Sweden
Cold weather firelighting Sweden
Arctic survival expedition Sweden
Arctic survival shelter cold skills
Arctic survival team building course
Dog sled arctic survival expedition
Learn Cold Weather and Arctic Survival Skills in Sweden

On this Cold Weather Arctic Skills course we are providing much more than just an "Arctic Experience" - the emphasis is on education, realistic survival skills and training from an instructor who is permanently based in the Sweden, with many years of Arctic knowledge. The course is also great fun! We believe our course is the most comprehensive cold weather Arctic skills course on the market and exceptional value for money! Our new training area is just outside the Arctic Circle but we essentially have the same conditions found further north. Furthermore, improved logistics afford you a better value course. 

This cold weather course teaches you survival skills in one of the world's most extreme environments. In winter this region is transformed by thick ice and snow, the polar night is long and temperatures can plummet to -30°C. The region may be challenging but it is also extremely beautiful with incredible landscapes frequently illuminated by the 'northern lights'. It is the home of impressive large mammals such as reindeer, moose, wolverine, and wolves. As with many environments the secret to thriving here is working with the conditions rather than against them.

We will start our survival training from a well equipped accommodation centre in Robertfors area near Umea, then move to the field where we will progressively use heated tents and then snow shelters. We have an exciting, vibrant forest site adjacent to a partially frozen river. This beautiful setting leads to frequent sightings of otters, reindeer, moose in the area and also, due to the premium nature of the site a huge amount of skills can be covered in a short time as many of the travel distances associated with other arctic courses are reduced, meaning more time training, less time travelling. 

Learning Outcomes


Here are some of the key skills you will be learning:


  • Cross country skiing

  • Ice fishing

  • Ice safety

  • Emergency Snow shelters (e.g. snow trench)

  • Use of heated tents

  • Tool use: Axe, knife and saw

  • Fire lighting in the cold using matches and primitive techniques such as sparks and fire by friction

  • Avoidance and management of cold injuries

  • Flora and fauna identification and plant uses

  • Hygiene routines

  • Water acquisition

  • Survival Equipment Selection

  • Emergency Signalling

  • Emergency Aid

  • Correct clothing

  • Snow shoe tour

  • Assessing the snow pack

More Details


Price: tbc

Location: Umea, Northern Sweden. (Umea Airport)

Duration:   6 days (including activities on arrival and departure days)

Group size: usually 3 - 6  people 

Facilities and inclusions: All food, accommodation when not camping outdoors, some specialist equipment is provided and some hired (please see kit list below). Price does not include flights.

What to bring: Course-specific kit list


You must:

  • be over 18 years old;

  • have some outdoor experience (e.g. hill walking, camping, adventure sports, bushcraft etc.)

  • have a reasonable level of physical fitness

  • have a sense of humour!

Upcoming Dates




"I have come away not only knowing more about bushcraft and survival in the Arctic, but also more about how the country works and how people live.


"I found all the info given was clear and concise and we always had opportunity to ask questions or go over something if didn't understand first time around. You were never forced to do something you weren't happy with either. A good all round spectrum of subjects was covered.


"I thought the dog sledding was a fantastic start to the experience and a real welcome surprise.  I also loved having the opportunity to sleep outside and how amazing that would be if the Northern lights were on form. The ice fishing was also indeed a great joy, dare I say it but, particularly when we caught fish.  Although I didn't have the sauna, I did think that was a great idea for the end of the trip teamed with a traditional meal, which was delicious. A perfect end to a perfect trip" - Elizabeth P.

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