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Arctic Adventurer Expedition,

Northern Sweden

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Travel on Skis and Make Camp in a Snow Trench at Night


This is an exciting and challenging expedition based inside the Arctic Circle - Northern Sweden. Many of our students and those from other Arctic experiences tell us they want to take their Arctic skills and experience to the next level. This is how we came up with the concept of our Arctic Adventurer Expedition! We are delighted to offer you this course at an exceptional price. Due to the simpler, more rugged nature of this course, certain previous costs have been eliminated and we pass that saving directly to you! This expedition is primarily about you, your skills and the elements.

This expedition is based in the Laponia region of northern Sweden. However, rather than being based in and around a well-stocked cabin it takes a nomadic journey into the wilderness with nearly all nights spent outdoors in snow shelters.

This expedition builds your survival skills in one of the world's most extreme environments. In winter this region is transformed by thick ice and snow and nthe night is long with temperatures from 0 to -35°C. The region may be challenging but it is also extremely beautiful with incredible landscapes frequently illuminated by the 'northern lights'.


So what is the course like? It is suitable for people who have some cold weather experience but is open to adventurous beginners. As mentioned, the course is nomadic and predominantly outdoors so this challenges your abilities to keep clothes and sleeping systems dry and deal with the cold.


The course is set in mid-Winter, so that you have a classic Arctic experience and often working in darkness adds to the level of challenge. We will finish the course with an optional "ice breaking drill" (immersion in icy water through a hole in the ice). This bracing drill helps you to prepare mentally and physically should it happen for real. However, there will be the option of a sauna and roll in the snow as an alternative if the weather condition are deemed too risky for ice water immersion or if you prefer this. We will be at hand at all times to monitor your safety and to provide advice and guidance when necessary. Because this is a testing course only those who both complete the course and meet the standards required will receive a Completion certificate.

Learning Outcomes


Here are some of the key skills you will be learning:


  • Cross country skiing and nomadic camping

  • Packing Ski Pulks

  • Tracking

  • Ice breaking drills or an alternative Sauna / Snow roll (depending on weather and preference)

  • Emergency Snow shelters (e.g. snow trench)

  • Axe, knife and saw use

  • Fire lighting in the cold

  • Avoidance and management of cold injuries

  • Flora and fauna identification and plant uses

  • Hygiene routines

  • Water acquisition

  • Managing/Transporting casualties

  • Emergency Signalling

  • Celestial navigation

  • Choosing correct clothing

More Details


Price: tbc  (deposit is £300, with the balance due two calendar months before the course)

Location:  Northern Sweden. (Ulea Airport)

Duration:   8 days (including activities on arrival and departure days)

Group size: usually 3 - 6  people 

Facilities and inclusions: All food and accommodation when no camping outdoors, some specialist equipment is provided and some hired (please see kit list below). Price does not include flights.

What to bring: Course-specific kit list


You must:

  • be over 18 years old;

  • have some outdoor experience (e.g. hill walking, camping, adventure sports, bushcraft etc.)

  • have a reasonable level of physical fitness

  • have a sense of humour!

Upcoming Dates




"Fantastic course content and very flexible if weather conditions were to deteriorate. My only suggestion would be to add more "bushcraft" activities. 


"I had a really tough day mid way through the course and was feeling slightly down, you recognised that and both encouraged and motivated me into feeling positive and in fact the next day was the best of the course!


"I will recommend the course to anyone who is interested in this type of activity." - Bradley M.

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