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Axe Craft and Carving Day

Axe craft and woodcraft day course
simple wood carving day course
axe wood carving course Sussex venue
axe craft day course with carving
Axe craft and wood carving course UK
splitting log for axe day course
axe craft day course wood carving
learn to use axe and knife bushcraft
Learn to Use Axe, Knife and Saw in a Woodland Setting

The axe is an important and versatile bushcraft tool - in the right hands it can be used for felling and splitting or fine carving work. On this course you will learn how to use this tool safely for a range of tasks and how to care for and maintain your axe.


We will look at the tasks of tree felling with an axe, splitting for logs and for longer lengths, with the use of "gluts" (wooden wedges). You will learn about safe grips and stances and get the chance to make a craft item with your axe such as a spoon, chopping board or even make a start on a canoe paddle!

We will also look at the safe and effective use of sheath knife and saw.

If you don't have your own axe, we can sell you an excellent  handmade Hultafors Forest Axe or hatchet.  Contact us if you are interested in this.

Learning Outcomes

Here are some of the key skills you will learn:


  • Tool maintenance and safety

  • Splitting logs

  • Small tree felling techniques

  • Limbing techniques for taking off side small branches

  • Splitting longitudinally with mallet and wedges ("gluts")

  • Hewing techniques for shaping with an axe

  • Knife techniques such as fore and backhand grips, and batoning 

More Details

Price: £130 per person

Locations: Lindfield in Sussex, or Moidart in the Scottish Highlands

Duration: 1 day  09.00 - 17:00 

Group size: usually 5 - 8 people 

Facilities: Group tarp, drinking water and hot drinks

What to bring:  course-specific kit list

Upcoming Dates​

"Everything covered was positive - I will go away and build on what we covered"

- B. Hunt

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