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Carving and woodcraft Day(with knife and saw)

Dates in the Highlands, Scotland
Dates in Sussex, England



Course content: Tool safety, sharpening, green woodworking techniques, making craft items

This course covers bushcraft use of the sheath knife* and saw (folding and bow saw). You will learn about tool safety and design, pruning techniques, cutting techniques, how to make feathersticks, pot hangers, and spoons. The course would suit a beginner or an intermediate woodworker without experience of bushcraft carving methods.

* Please note: You will need a sheath knife for the course - you can either bring your own sheath knife (not a folding knife), borrow one of our knives or buy one for only 12 on the day. If you have a folding or bow saw please bring it with you, otherwise you can borrow one of ours.

Our instructor has an NCFE Creative Craft: Woodcraft certificate.

Client quotes:
"Everything covered was positive - I will go away and build on what we covered" - B. Hunt
"A good course - ideal to those new to bushcraft" - G. Henderson

Learning outcomes:
At the end of the course you should:

  • Understand how to use a sheath knife and saw safely and have learnt different grips
  • Know the principles of how to sharpen a knife
  • Have learnt and practiced a range of bushcraft carving and green wood working techniques
  • Have made a craft item that you can take away with you

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