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Woodland Nature Day

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Spend a Day Learning about our Amazing Native Woodlands

Experience our native woodlands in a completely new light, and rapidly gain a good base of practical knowledge!


This is a private course where you spend a fun and educational day in the company of an experienced ecologist, learning about the natural world. We can cover identification of trees and herbaceous plants and their uses in bushcraft, bird songs, interpretation of tracks and signs, wildlife watching and much more. 

We work in ancient woodland with a rich diversity of native plants, birds and mammals (including badgers, foxes, muntjac deer, fallow deer and roe deer). There are many wetland areas which are also good for tracking.

The key to this course is flexibility. There are no set dates - you arrange the time and even the location if you wish (though a travel cost will be incurred). The pricing structure allows for you to benefit from a one to one session, or you can organise the session for small groups of various sizes.


You can tailor the content of the course to suit your interests.


During a day here are some subjects we could cover:

  • Plant and tree identification and uses

  • Animal tracks and signs

  • Mammal ecology and wildlife watching

  • Bird song

  • Woodland foraging

  • Coastal foraging

  • Woodland ecology


More Details


These private nature experiences for individuals, families, or small groups can be arranged for time and place that suits both you and the instructor.  (Usually this works best for us on a week day but please call to discuss.)


We charge for the session rather than per person, which makes it relatively economical for a small group (prices based on up to 4 people). 

whole day (7 hours) - £280

If you have a larger group than 4, please enquire for rates. 

What to bring: Come prepared for a day spent outdoors, ideally wearing hiking boots or wellies, and waterproofs.



“I found that I knew more than I realised, but it was brilliant to get some hands-on experience, and find a place that I can expand on that knowledge. I look forward to doing more courses in the future." - Debra H. 

"This has altered how I do every walk in the countryside, and now I see more wildlife." - Nigel P.

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