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Private Navigation Training

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private navigation training Scotland

We run private navigation courses that can be tailored to your requirements. Perhaps you are a member of a walking group, or a work team, or just feel you would benefit from a one-to-one navigation skills day, please contact us.


We offer map-reading training in three main locations: Moidart on the West Coast of Scotland, in Surrey and Sussex in the South of England.  We can provide courses suitable for a range of abilities, from complete beginners up to proficiency in the mountains. We are providers for the National Navigation Award Scheme (NNAS) and offer Bronze and Silver level Awards based on two day courses. 

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and arrange a date, then once agreed, book using the link below.


We get a wide range of people looking for private navigation training.  From retired people who want to learn or hone their map skills, to hill runners looking to increase their speed. 


We have also worked with professional groups like Search and Rescue teams to provide them with training and accredited qualifications.  Our private courses are great for building confidence with a map and compass.

Key skills that people like to work on:

  • Making sense of the map in relation to the landscape

  • Using a compass to orientate the map and to take bearings

  • Estimating distances 

  • Navigational strategies

  • What to do when you get "lost"

More details



£120 per person per day for groups of two or more.

£230 for a one to one experience.

£100 per additional overnight with guided wild camping. 



These training days are self-catering.

Maps and compasses will be provided.


Moidart, 35 miles west of Fort William. 

Also areas in Sussex and Surrey in the south of England


Group size:  

Usually 1-6 people

What to bring: 

Navigation kit list


“Great. I wanted to build my confidence in wilder, more remote areas, and I definitely have."- E. Kendon

"Great to have what you see related to the map so clearly" - I. Stewart

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