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Professional Consultancy and Training

bushcraft consultant Scotland TV
coastal survival consultant Scotland
navigation consultant professional
Arctic Survival consultant TV media
UK Woodland Nature Consultant TV
Woodland bushcraft consultant media

Wildwood has provided consultancy services to professionals many times over the years. Recently we helped with a BBC Countryfile programme - sourcing a site for their filming and setting up a campfire scene.  We have also provided a teaching day on wild botanicals for a local Distillery and on wild food for a restaurant in Fort Augustus. We helped the Scottish Government with foraging session for a group of representatives from a Canadian food importer.


Leon is  an experienced ecologist and has provided consultancy on otters, which he studied for his PhD. He also provides woodland management work and advice.

Part of our work with professional teams is providing private training. For example, we have trained a team of Search and Rescue volunteers in map reading techniques. We have also provided annual Arctic skills training for staff from an oil spill mitigation company and have taught more than 20 of their operatives.

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"Both Leon and Toby are obviously extremely experienced and passionate experts, and did an excellent job of sharing their knowledge and skills. A perfect mix of theory and practical sessions, which worked really well for the experience we were after. A really good balance between remoteness and practicality for getting there (and away if anything had gone wrong). And we had the opportunity to tailor the course to what we expected our requirements to be.  The relaxed approach of the instructors was great as it allowed us to ease into the course and gain confidence as the week went on. A very well-organised and relevant course, I learnt a lot but had a lot of fun too." - Dr Nicola B. Technical Adviser, The International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation Ltd.

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