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Mountain and Loch Adventure (3 day),

West Coast of Scotland

Mountain Loch Adventure Scotland
Mountain Loch Expedition Scotland
Bushcraft Adventure Highlands Scot
Canoe expedition Bushcraft Scotland
Bushcraft Scotland canoe expedition
Bushcraft adventure Scotland
Mountain loch adventure course Scot
Bushcraft canoe expedition Scotland
Canoe Loch Shiel Scotland
Trek and paddle through the wild and beautiful West Coast and Loch Shiel

Join us on an amazing three day journey through one of the wildest and most beautiful parts of the Scottish West Coast. During the three days you will go deep into the mountain wilderness and travel by canoe down Loch Shiel. On a clear day the mountains here offer phenomenal views of the Hebrides looking west.

On our journey we will cover some of the key peaks in the area and camp high in the mountain in tents. En route you will learn about mountain navigation and survival and ecology in this stunning, but potentially hostile environment. By day 3 we will arrive at the centre of Loch Shiel - a loch steeped in Scottish History and more recently featured in the Harry Potter films. There waiting for us will be some canoes and we can continue our journey to the end of the Loch. Keep your eyes open for eagles, otters and diving birds!

Please note we will aim to run a Coastal Survival Day a day or two before this course. Contact us if you are interested in adding on a day of marine survival to make a great, rounded 4 day experience!  Also, please allow for route flexibility to take into account different abilities within a group and the possible need to modify plans.

Learning Outcomes


Here are some of the key skills you will be learning:


  • mountain navigation

  • mountain survival and ecology - learning about alpine plants, water sourcing, and shelter

  • route finding - safe travel and efficient routes

  • wild camping in the mountains

  • open canoeing on the iconic Loch Shiel

  • fire lighting and water collection

  • Leave No Trace

More Details


Price: £550 per person

Location: Moidart, 35 miles west of Fort William. Lifts can be arranged from the nearest railway station, Lochailort.


Duration: 3 full day: starts 09.00 day 1 and ends around 17:00 on day 3.

Group size: usually 3 - 6  people - we keep groups small to minimise our impact on this pristine environment.

Facilities: Drinking water, purified from the hill streams, hot drinks, and day rations and canoeing equipment

What to bring: Course-specific kit list


"Leon is really knowledgeable especially on flora and fauna.  

I was shown things that otherwise have never have found out about. Who knew that Rowan buds taste like Marzipan? 

Very confidence-inspiring leadership at all stages.

For me the canoeing on Loch Shiel was a particular highlight and seeing Divers and a Sea Eagle" - Andrew J.

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