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Family Bushcraft Weekend

Price and Dates in the Highlands, Scotland
Price and Dates in Sussex, England



Adult £130
Child £90

Course content: firelighting, water collection/preparation, shelter, plant uses, wildlife and tracking

This is a fun and varied family weekend spent learning about bushcraft and woodland wildlife. You can have a go at firelighting (including fire by friction and sparking); collect and purify water; build a leaf shelter and string up a hammock; learn about plant uses and do some wildlife tracking!

We encourage you to spend the Friday and Saturday night camping in the woods and getting to know your fellow bushcrafters round the camp fire. It will certainly be a family experience that you will always remember!

The course is designed around parents/guardians accompanying their children.

*Please note if you have children under 8 who you want to attend please see the note about Family Forest Camp below.

Client quote:

"Fabulous hands-on and I really did make fire in the end. Great that we all got a chance to try everything out. Tutors were really friendly, treated us as equals." - P. Walker

Learning outcomes: At the end of the course you should:

  • be able to tie some basic knots required to string up a hammockknow how to build a leaf shelter
  • understand how to find water and make it safe
  • understand the basic principles of responsible firelighting and fuel collection
  • have succeeded in lighting a fire with sparks and/or bow drill
  • know how to recognise some of the plants that can provide food and other valuable materials
  • have learnt about common animal tracks and increased your awareness and understanding of sign

* On selective dates we will also be running a Family Forest Camp in parallel with the Family Bushcraft weekend in the same wood. This option provides provides camping and some fun activities for children under 8 years but with plenty of time in between to relax and explore the woodland environment. Because it is less intensive in terms of teaching for this we only charge £25 per day for each child and £65 per day for a supervising adult. It is therefore possible for a family of two adults and children of different ages to all spend the weekend together in the woods but take part in different activities. For example a family with one older child and two younger children - one parent could attend the bushcraft weekend with the older child (cost £90 + £130) and the other parent could attend the Forest Camp with the younger children (cost £130 + £100). The total cost would be £450. If you are interested in this please contact us.

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