Review – Water-to-Go Water Filtration System

Water-to-Go bottle

In general, water bottle filtration systems work by filling the drinks bottle with untreated water; you then suck the water through a micropore filter, rendering it safe to drink.  They are great because they reduce the need to carry all your water supplies, you just re-fill a small bottle at the nearest water source, be it a muddy puddle or a river.  They are especially useful for travellers (in areas where tap water  is unsafe), wilderness campers,  survivalists and preppers.   They also bring peace of mind to those concerned about fluoride and chlorine added to your water supply.

I am currently reviewing the Water-to-Go filter bottle and have found it a robust and well designed bit of kit. It is made of tough food grade plastic with a rubber sleeve to improve your grip.  It has a wide neck which aids water collection and it also has a lever on the nozzle that makes it easy to flip out without contaminating the mouth part.

Over the last few months I have used it in a variety of situations; for example, on survival courses, while hill walking, canoeing and in places where I would be wary of drinking the water without treatment.  In fact the water supply to my house comes directly from a hill stream and drinking it through the Water-to-Go bottle reduces the irony taste, improves the clarity and seems to increase hydrating quality of the water.

What is particularly impressive about this filter bottle is its ability to the remove 99.9% of pathogens and most chemicals from practically any condition of freshwater (not seawater).  It can even be used in turbid water and test results from three independent laboratories (in London, India and the USA) give you confidence when using the bottle with dubious quality water.  For more details see the Water-to-Go Website:

So how does it work?  Here is a quote direct from the product website:

“Water-to-Go uses three different technologies forged together in one filter to filter over 99.9% of all contaminants in water. The medium used in the filter was designed for the NASA space programme and consists of:

A) Filter medium with one of the smallest pores sizes ever developed for water filtration
B) The traditional technology of activated carbon particles (that reduce bad taste and odours) used within the filter medium so that it is much more effective as there is less adhesive holding the carbon in place thereby providing a greater surface area for the carbon to work
C) The medium releases a positive hydrostatic charge when it comes into contact with the water

No other water filter technology combines these three technologies and delivers results at low cost.”

The replaceable filters typically last for a couple of months of regular use and will process 130-200 litres.  There are two main models available – the 50 CL and 75 CL bottles which come in at  £12.99 and £24.99, respectively.

I am sufficiently impressed with Water-to-Go that I am considering selling them on my survival courses.


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