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Winter Bushcraft

With the winter solstice past, and Christmas festivities coming to a close, the new year is a good time to get out in the woods and hone winter bushcraft skills.  There are many challenges out there at this time of year: shorter days, colder, windier, wetter conditions, plant food is scarce and tree identification is […]

Autumn Foraging in a Mast Year

It’s a great year for Autumn foraging! In the woodlands of Sussex and many other parts of Britain, we are experiencing a mast year.  Mast years are those years when trees produce fruits or nuts in great abundance.  Mast years are probably caused by a complex combination of natural periodicity, climate and weather conditions.  For […]

Leave No Trace

This summer I joined a “Leave No Trace” trainers course at Glenmore Lodge.  Minimal impact is something that Wildwood Bushcraft has always built into its outdoor practice, but I was interested in learning more about this formalised approach and the prospect of passing this on to other outdoor users.  Leave No Trace originates from the […]

Survival Weekends

I’ve just finished running our 70th Wildwood Survival Weekend!  Over the past 8 years we have held these courses in woodlands of Sussex, the Trossachs near Glasgow, and on the west coast of Scotland. It has proved a popular concept!  Take people away from their technology-driven lives and spend a weekend living off the land […]

Lime – Swiss army knife of trees

The lime has got to be one of my favourite trees – not just for its tall leafy elegance, but for it’s multitude of uses in bushcraft. When I mention the lime tree on bushcraft courses people sometimes think I am referring to it’s exotic, citrus-bearing namesake! In reality, the small-leaved lime is native  to […]

What is the difference between Survival and Bushcraft?

The terms “survival” and “bushcraft” are often used interchangeably and yet sometimes treated as separate, even competing, disciplines. As a bushcraft survival instructor I obviously have my own views but I wanted to take a step back and look at these terms anew.  It set me thinking about what these expressions really mean, how they […]