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Review – Water-to-Go Water Filtration System

In general, water bottle filtration systems work by filling the drinks bottle with untreated water; you then suck the water through a micropore filter, rendering it safe to drink.  They are great because they reduce the need to carry all your water supplies, you just re-fill a small bottle at the nearest water source, be […]

Review – Montane Featherlite Down Jacket

On my trips to the Arctic and the Scottish mountains my heavy duty down jacket has been vital during periods of inactivity or when serious cold sets in. Recently I was asked by Blackleaf.com to review for one of their lighter weight  jackets – the Montane Featherlite Down Jacket: http://www.blackleaf.com/Montane-Featherlite-Down-Down-Jacket/bl3319519.htm?colour=Black+Kiwi I have been testing it […]

Winter Bushcraft

With the winter solstice past, and Christmas festivities coming to a close, the new year is a good time to get out in the woods and hone winter bushcraft skills.  There are many challenges out there at this time of year: shorter days, colder, windier, wetter conditions, plant food is scarce and tree identification is […]

Autumn Foraging in a Mast Year

It’s a great year for Autumn foraging! In the woodlands of Sussex and many other parts of Britain, we are experiencing a mast year.  Mast years are those years when trees produce fruits or nuts in great abundance.  Mast years are probably caused by a complex combination of natural periodicity, climate and weather conditions.  For […]

Leave No Trace

This summer I joined a “Leave No Trace” trainers course at Glenmore Lodge.  Minimal impact is something that Wildwood Bushcraft has always built into its outdoor practice, but I was interested in learning more about this formalised approach and the prospect of passing this on to other outdoor users.  Leave No Trace originates from the […]

Do you have a Buff in your survival equipment?

Do you carry a buff (aka bandana = cylindrical, flexible fabric, typically used to protect face and neck from cold) as an essential part of your outdoor kit?  It certainly ticks three important boxes for survival kit, being lightweight, compact and multifunctional (including some life saving uses).  For years I have used buffs  in mountain […]

Survival Weekends

I’ve just finished running our 70th Wildwood Survival Weekend!  Over the past 8 years we have held these courses in woodlands of Sussex, the Trossachs near Glasgow, and on the west coast of Scotland. It has proved a popular concept!  Take people away from their technology-driven lives and spend a weekend living off the land […]

Lime – Swiss army knife of trees

The lime has got to be one of my favourite trees – not just for its tall leafy elegance, but for it’s multitude of uses in bushcraft. When I mention the lime tree on bushcraft courses people sometimes think I am referring to it’s exotic, citrus-bearing namesake! In reality, the small-leaved lime is native  to […]

What is the difference between Survival and Bushcraft?

The terms “survival” and “bushcraft” are often used interchangeably and yet sometimes treated as separate, even competing, disciplines. As a bushcraft survival instructor I obviously have my own views but I wanted to take a step back and look at these terms anew.  It set me thinking about what these expressions really mean, how they […]